Definition of credit
The quick cash loans  Quick Loans Online between a lender (credit institution or bank) and a particular borrower. The credit institution or the bank that provides the funds, the lender will offer an amortization schedule will resume credit repayment schedule. This schedule will be based on the principal repayment period and the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) proposed in the credit agreement.

Good to know: all consumer fast cash loans are legally governed by provisions included in the Consumer Code (Book III).
Make a credit simulation to private consumption

You have plans? There is a simple way to make your projects without breaking the bank. The credit allows households French finance their projects through a personal loan without dipping into their savings. Depending on your needs and the type of your project, a suitable solution will be proposed to respond to your request. Union loan is different from traditional banks because the interest on loans are paid back to the investors of the platform.

The steps prior to simulate my credit
To prepare your project and request funding, we recommend you create a budget according to your project and its nature. Credit for a car or renovations? Having to tradespeople or an already identified vehicle (make, model, year of registration). This will help you determine the amount you need and the impact of the monthly repayment on your purchasing power. The third step is to make your simulation on our site, and in a very simple way. You will indicate the type of project, the amount requested (between € 3,000 and € 40,000) and maturity for repayment (24 to 72 months).

Simulate my mortgage loan with Union
Once the simulation of credit to the consumer complete and accepted your pre-application, simply send your credit report with supporting documents (national identity card, bank account, bank statement) to benefit from the personalized offer by Quick Loans No Credit Check Union. A monthly payment for your project and your project is then presented. Indeed every project is different, and Loan Union attaches great importance to carefully study your request.
When you get a response, you can quite compare different offers made to you. To help you identify the best, you can read our article on how to look for an online credit. Also if you want to know more about the method of calculation of a loan, we also invite you to consult our guide on how to calculate its consumer credit for lawsuit loan funding. Both guides are available on our website.

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